The Best Kiwi Film You've Never Seen!


Drifting loner STANLEY HARRIS (Owen Black) unwittingly walks into the centre of a deadly cock off when he reluctantly agrees to help ageing family friend GORDON MUNROE (Mick Innes) ‘get his shit together’ on a vast pine plantation in the backwater district of Netherwood, New Zealand.  Contending with the alluring and mysterious MARIA (Miriama Smith) in the forest, and bullying hothead MEX MOORE (Will Hall) at the local pub, Stan tries to keep his head down, get the job done and get out of town - but when things take a sinister turn he has to put his kanodes on the line to do what's right. 


Andy Hall,


Bloody great kiwi show. Cheers guys!

Theona Ormsby,


Great - covered my eyes at the end!!

Dominic Curry,


A confident step forward for New Zealand cinema. The stunning North Canterbury vistas take on an ominous quality in the movie, but also provide a level of aesthetic beauty that goes well beyond the film's budget

Debbie Forbes,


Loved it, loved it and oh yeah - LOVED IT!!

Angus Gardon,


Great violence and scenery



90 minute feature film 

Special Features: 

DVD Commentary 

  • with director Cristobal Araus Lobos and Producers/Actors Will Hall and Owen Black

Mini Documentary of the Netherwood Rural Roadshow

  • A tour of 21 screens across New Zealand from Auckland to Gore, big city cinemas to small country halls, and all the activities in between

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Mysterious Maria (Miriama Smith)